Science Skills
A01-Science Process
Science Pseudoscience & Technology
Proficiency Standards
Hammer Throw
A02_Scientific Method
How do we know if science is right?
Silver Sensing Thinking HandHow do we do science & experiments?
Silver Sensing Feeling HeartHow do I know if I can trust scientists?
Intuitive Thinking-HeadWhy do we need a scientific method?
Silver Intuitive FeelingWhen can science make the world better?
(Self Expressive)

Quia Quiz: Quiz A02 Scientific Method  &  (MA02)

Practice Quiz: Scientific Method
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PearsonPPT-ThumbWhat Is Science Slideshow
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Scientific Inquiry: Chapter 1 Section 2: Pages 13-22:
Scientific Method- A Way of Problem Solving
Chapter 1 Section 2 (1994) 18-29

Scientists on the Cutting Edge Booklet

Science vs Technology vs PseudoScience

Science Skills Handbook
Appendix: Pages 202-214:

Scientific Method Design & Review Packet

Scientifc Experiment Design Overview Flowchart

(Online Textbook: Log onto Pearson.com, then click on the titles above for the online text.)
Labs & Videos

Mr Spangler's Volcano: From Demo to Lab
Multimedia Library Link
You will write up an experiment based on this video.

Mr Spangler's Helmet Experiment
Multimedia Library Link
You will write up an experiment based on this video.
Egg Drop
Save The Egg (Egg Package Design)
Testing and design observation, inference, prediction

Experiment Design Activity
Design an experiment and list the problem, background research, hypothesis, procedure, materials, and variables.
Ideas: Science Buddies, Science Bob,
ScienceFairCentral, LAScienceFair,
James Randi
James Randi radio interview:dangerous pseudoscience:
Part 1, Part 2
Bad Science
Debunking Con Artists

Introduction to Physics

Study Jams
  1. Scientific Evidence
  2. Scientific Methods
Mr. Lee's Method Song
Mr. Lee's Method Song
Method Music Video
Method Music Video
Scientific Method
10 Scientific Method Made Easy
Multimedia Link
Scientific Method Video

VLC Video Packet
Mythbusters Moon
Mythbusters Experimental Design: Did man go to the moon?

Bad Science
Lesson in bad science: grail style
Bill Nye

Prentice Hall Video
What Is Science
Spangler's Tips
Mr Spangler's Volcano: From Demo to Lab

Multimedia Library Link
You will write up an experiment based on this video.


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New situations/applications

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Reading & Math Work
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Projects by Learning Style and Media Type
Silver Sensing THinking Hand Sensing-Thinking (Mastery)
  1. Create a diagram that shows what the basic steps of the scientific method are, giving examples.
Silver Sensing Feeling Heart Sensing-Feeling (Interpersonal)
A time when you...
  1. You want to test how people around you are effected by something. What is the variable you would try? Design the experiment. (*Note: psychological experiments have rules. DO NOT RUN THE EXPERIMENT WITHOUT ASKING YOUR TEACHER FIRST!).
Intuitive Thinking-Head Intuitive-Thinking (Understanding)
Playing with facts
  1. Create an experiment that tests if something works or does not. Play with the types of variables you could test. How would they change your experiment?
Silver Intuitive Feeling Intuitive-Feeling (Self-Expressive)
Creating new possibiliteis
  1. Imagine a new theory about how the animals communicate. What method of communication would you test for? Design the experiment.

  1. Make a video of an experiment (see options above.) Narrate, subtitle, or text page each step of the scientific method.

  1. Create a PowerPoint, ToonDoo, or other graphic that shows one of the projects above.
garagebandPodcast Audio

  1. Make a radio show, podcast, or song of an experiment (see options above.) Narrate, subtitle, or text page each step of the scientific method.
ArtistMusicianLive Presentation Project

  1. Make a metric system poster, play, song or cartoon showing your understanding the scientific method.
Essential Vocabulary & Concepts
Picture Core Knowledge or Concept
Jane Goodall Scientific Method a system for investigating the universe..
Problem: Always asks a question.  The problem guides the experiment

Background Research: Find out what we already know about the problem, including our own personal knowledge and research on the topic.
prediction Hypothesis: A testable statement that “answers” the problem.  This is usually written in an “if, then” format.  It is based on the background research.

Experimental Design: Describes how the experiment will be performed.  It     is written in a list format and contains the following sections:

variable A. Variables:  The three types are:
  1. Experimental / Manipulated / Independent: the one you change
  2. Measured / Responding / Dependent: the one that is observed data
  3. Controlled: the ones that stay the same
B: Procedures: a numbered list of exactly what you will be doing.
C.  Materials: a numbered list of exactly what you will be using.

metric system
D: Trials: how many times you run an experiment.
communicate The results section is the data from the experiment.
It can be a table, graph, or chart.
bright idea An analysis is the explanation of the data of an experiment.
A conclusion summarizes the experiment referring to the hypothesis and states how the experiment may be changed.
Van De Graaff The Experimenting or experimentation is a method of testing scientific ideas.
pseudoscience The PseudoScience is not science. It does not follow all of the steps of the scientific method. It is often used to trick people.
wheel The Technology is the creation of goods and services for human use. It uses a method called theDesign  Cycle.
Jane Goodall

Many teams of scientists all over the world are experimenting with different medicines to fight the AIDS virus. They can work together over great distances because they share the same scientific methods of experimentaion and communication.
design cycle

  TheDesign  Cycle is a method used to design, test, and improve products for human use. It is very similar to the scientific method.